Tuesday, May 08, 2007

honey, i'm home

Here we have the next step toward our goal of complete sustainability. That is to say, when society as a whole turns against itself, when our common environment becomes too toxic to support life, when war or natural disaster comes to call...our family remains safe and sound, beyond the immediate reach of our inevitable demise.


Already we have in place: a geodesic dome (earthquake proof, and keeping green with recycled fittings and a bamboo floor); a solar system (we are off the grid and are building our system with the goal of nonreliance upon propane as well); chickens for lean protein (eggs!); goats for milk (if our little nanny were pressed into service, yet to be tested!); transportation (sweet Fanny, and hopefully a companion soon); an extensive garden, plus several fruit trees (the cherries look promising this year!); our own well, with two big holding tanks...sure, we've forgotten some things, and it's a wonderful dream so far. But at least we will be able to sweeten our tea.

Yeah, there ARE a lot of them. But don't be scared. The ones piled up on the bottom have already expired. Interestingly, just several hours after being transferred to their hives, these dead ones had been carried out. Who knew insects were so intelligent?

Along with the two colonies came two very queenly queens. These two rule their prospective kingdoms and have only two duties: eat, and procreate. Not a bad life, eh?

These particular bees are Italian bees, obtained in Orland (just east of Sacramento.) Here the Princess checks them out, happy (as always) to help. The bees must be fed right away, gorged up and made happy to settle into their new abode. This is done by spraying them with a sugar solution, after which their manic buzzing becomes more like a happy hum.

Dh has discovered the perfect spot for them, just down the trail from the house. I think they will be very happy there...so many flowers, and so much time. Bring on the sweet!

The hens are enjoying the new arrivals too. "Mmmmmmm...they taste like honey!"


Blogger LauraJ said...

What a sweet little beekeeper! I love her smile! The hens look pretty happy too! The bees scare me. Imagine bugs who take care of thier dead. How thoughtful!

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratats on the bezzz!
love raga

3:16 PM  
Blogger Connie Peterson said...

Lucky you ... we cannot have bees here - there are way to many, now, for my mental health. But our neighbor-soon-to-be will have bees and share the honey without asking my to put my life in danger by helping with the live bees. One time to the emergency room was quite enough, thank you! But I love honey!

9:04 AM  
Blogger Cristina said...

Wow! I actually got to talk to dh on his way home from getting the bees! He was so excited! And it was great to catch up all on our doings. I miss you, hope to see you soon!

6:31 PM  

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