Monday, May 21, 2007

a perfect world

In a perfect world, everyone does their part. Here's Fanny Mae helping out with the mowing. Besides a medium sized Weed Whacker she's all we got. And she enjoys doing it.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot she can do in this particular area: my so - called garden. This one has gone WILD in the time I had my back turned (egads - is it really about seven months now?!) In my perfect world, everyone does their part - so sweet dh and the little p went to work for me. The Weed Wacker was the mighty knight in this story of A Quest For a Garden.

I made the fence around this garden myself, some six or seven years ago. Each year I dutifully weed, plant, water and forget about it - then gorge on the bounty of a late summer and early fall harvest: tomatoes, squash, peppers and beans, and fresh herbs on everything.

Then it goes wild again....until the next May.

It was a Big Job, good thing I had a Big Girl helping me. Of course there was no end to the help, what with all the dogs milling around. How does one get their children to be more helpful? It seems easy when they are little. But my big ones (13 & 16) are use. less.

In my limited experience, I wonder if just constant assurance does the trick. Even if you (oops!) make a mistake, it's OK because you were trying to help. P. #2 tries so hard, her tongue sticks out! As she will tell anyone, (but especially her dad), "I'm a GOOD helper."

As usual, overcome by the beautiful bounty at the nursery, I bought too much. No time for seeds! These plants (on the right) hold the promise of Autumn gluttony. Who needs the Farmer's Market? Why burn the gas to get there? We got it right here baby.

On the left is a scattering of little pots holding seeds P #2 and dh planted together. The sunflowers look promising, and I think there are beans as well.

Also in a perfect world, I would have time to indulge in all my hobbies at once. Witness the Studio, a corner of the upstairs suite the big girls sleep in. It's OK for housing my stash; the yarn and fiber are in the closet, in need of tidying. I've got piles of fabric...but I never sew. If I do, it's a fast and furious day - long stint, and then I'm over it. (Hmmmm, do I feel one coming on?)

Where's my Fairy Godmother to wave her wand and make time expandable beyond measure, stretching out to cover all the wishes and ideas I can imagine? I'm ready.


Blogger LauraJ said...

I like Fanny Mae! She's so cute!! Of course not as cute as the wee little garden girl.
I love your craft space! Now get crafting! :D

4:27 AM  

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