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Saturday we are signed up for the semi - annual Flea Market in Scotts Valley. We have a nice cozy corner booth, with shade. The pile in the basement has reached maximum density, and it's time to move everything up and out. Yes, that's the same basement that I dream of one day becoming a real laundry room. Anyway, we've been cleaning like crazy....hence the broom.

This piece of furniture has been in my possession for nigh on twenty years or so. In another life, I was a visual merchandiser (code for window dresser), first for Macy*s, then for Ralph Lauren. Ah, those were the days, poor as a church mouse but armed with a car allowance and a 50% discount (not that it helped the clothes to be more affordable....I invested in shoes and belts.) My job was to scour the three neighboring counties and beg, borrow or steal all the antiques and accessories needed to fill out the windows at three Ralph Lauren stores, then assemble them for maximum retail impact. It was a fun job, I learned a ton about quality fashion and design, and they even sent me to Hawaii (my first time!) to open a store on Oahu.

Alas, the fairy tale ended, and I was rudely replaced, by some very rude New Yorkers, when Ralph decided to buy back his franchised stores and become more involved with the Left Coast. All I got out of the deal was two months severance pay, and a few nice things that conveniently never left my apartment.

One was this French flour box. Way back when people made their bread every day, these held the flour they would need. It's pine, and it's been distressed beyond measure (kids, pets, and a stint outdoors). I recently replaced the long lost handles with some glass knobs purchased at Beverly's, just pushed into the large holes...I think it makes the "drawers" look a little less faux, don't you?

Inside it's just cavernous. It used to hold my fabric it houses winter blankets.

The top, being slanted, is not very convenient for anything other that drying paintings or the occasional small stack of mail. There is a little ledge though, just the right size for a candle or two, more little paintings, and my raku cup of markers.

Princess #2 is quite the artist these days, and recently brought home this map of the world from her lovely Montessori school. Each carefully painted continent is neatly labeled, and I am impressed with her teacher's patience for this activity - after all, she's only four!

Okay, hold onto your hats....yes, your eyes do not deceive's spinning content. For truly, my favorite role for the French flour box is a convenient studio, properly lighted, for most of my yarn shots. Here we have my most recent accomplishment, the Wildflower roving sent by a thoughtful secret pal um, my goodness - has it been two years now? Sorry Abigail...but wasn't it worth the wait?! The deep purply blues really remind me of the bush lupine that cascade down the mountainsides here.

And to your left...South America.


Blogger LauraJ said...

I thought it was a real dresser. I love old things, antiques, vintage stuff. Oh how I love the romance of history.
Look at you spinning your own yarn! Will you make something with it? I guess it's akin to growing a pumpkin and making pie out of it when it's ready eh?
That painting is adorable! Sounds like a great school!

4:46 AM  
Blogger A Margarita said...

Looks lovely! Sounds like it was a fun job. Yes, many New Yorkers can be rather heinous. I apologize on their behalf. I like to think their lack of manners and unpleasantness arises from their lack of creativity. The painting is quite the masterpiece :)

8:32 AM  
Blogger pomo housewife said...

wonder why my comment didn't work before?

It must be the week for lovely furniture - I'm jealous of this lovely old thing, and on likemerchantships, meridith has a lovely armoire.

I managed to resist a $45 skein of alpaca yarn at the farmer's market today. Maybe I should buy that spinning wheel after all.

9:28 PM  

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