Friday, December 26, 2008


Our tree was 15 feet. I put the lights on it while it was still on the ground, then hung ornaments as far up as I could reach. It was nice to be home to enjoy it this year. In this way I came aquainted with the spirit of this tree, in a way.

The cookies were such a hit! They were lighter than normal due to the honey content, and they smelled absolutely divine.

The dregs of the Solstice Party cookie tray were converted to a Christmas treat plate. I frosted up some Danish butter cookies too, sprinkled with red and green sugar. Yum! Frosting is something I would truly miss if I was mostly raw. I'd probably need to eat it once a year.

Another habitual craving ready to go is coffee. I tend to like it more in the afternoon, but lately it's giving me a headache. Bring on the tea with home grown honey.

I picked up these angels at a thrift store in Pismo Beach, when ND and I spent our first Christmas together as a "couple." I still adore them.

Happy holidays!


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