Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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Okay.  So I was at the Farmer's Market last week and I picked up a flyer for a sheep shearing.  Wow!  I really wanted to pull it off.  So Sunday I jumped in my car and got lost, then found my way to a wonderful, wooly party in the sun.

I found a big bunch of really cool crafty women, sitting under persimmon trees and creating fluffy, fantasy fairies out of wool grown here on the farm.  The wool was dyed all different colors and it all felt wonderful.

And the sheep?  Well the sheep got sheared, which was the main reason we were all there.  Oh yeah, I have tons of pictures... but I'm weary of Blogger's way with downloading pictures so I'm only going to do five at a time.  Bonus:  more posts!

Here is the proverbial "bag of wool".  By the end of the shearing, there were many of these, ready for the shepardess to decide which one she would wash, clean, card, and spin first.  I was green with envy over this thought.

The sheep, on the other hand, were less than enthusiastic.  Though they didn't put up with much of a fuss, and it's a little hard to guess what exactly sheep are thinking.  They were well treated during the shearing despite the look on this one's face.

More sheep posts...including *wait for it*  crafts!


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