Saturday, December 06, 2008


Where, oh where do the days go?  Was it just last week that our family was here?  A whirlwind weekend of fun, food, laughter, even a trip to the Boardwalk.  Now I have spent the last hour propped up in bed, eviting our Solstice invitation.  I love evites!  So much faster (and cheaper!) than had writing and mailing invitations.  Though I'll do that as well, to a few select friends.  I'm looking forward to a mindful holiday season.  My goal is to take it slow and easy, staying in my own rythm rather than succumbing to the rush.

Since we pared our house down for the last party, we plan to keep it that way.  There is a new, sweet energy in the dome now.  Space to breath, only our favorite of favorite items on display.  Soon we'll walk out the front door into the forest and select a tree (or I should say, the top of a tree), and set out the favorite things:  our snow globes, the nutcracker collection, and 100 seven day candles to light the longest night.

Before we do that however, there is another paper to write, a take-home final to complete, and of course the daily chores.  I'm managing to squeeze in some party time this week as well, and I started running again, which feels marvelous.  So proud I can pick it up after a while of "just walking".  I'm also eating clean and I'm up to about 75% raw per day.  The energy this gives me still amazes me.

And so the days grow shorter and shorter.  We transition from one celebration to another.  I can stop, tune in, become aware of my thoughts and feelings in any given moment.  What a blessing!

How do you fill your days?


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