Sunday, November 16, 2008

around the farm

I used to go to garage sales a lot. Then I realized how I would always seem to find something every time... and I never really needed it. I've been on hiatus from garage saling, but last weekend I hit upon one while waiting around for soccer to begin and I thought oh, what the heck.

Score: the wizard hat, a dinosaur grabber on a stick, a handful of old books, and a CD rack for Nice Dad that I don't think he really wants. Oh well.

Dear Whoopie guards the steps. He has responded well to the medicine he takes for Lyme disease, but he remains half the dog he used to be. He needs lots of rest but still can be counted on to accompany me on my hikes.

I hiked yesterday and today, including a little two mile run up and back each way to the hiking trail. I was definitely feeling the burn today, but I'm determined to lose eight or maybe ten pounds, so I plan on fitting in exercise every single day, somehow.

The weather has been positively balmy of late. I had to empty out the fire pit from the last rain we had, over two weeks ago now. I love the evening light on the deck.

Little P. and I popped in some bulbs recently, and after I pulled out the dead tomato plants we sprinkled spinach seeds into the pots. Unfortunately it's been too hot and dry for them to sprout.

And this is why my house, most days, less than ideally clean. Trying to keep ahead of a five-almost-six-year-old, two teenagers, two dogs and a husband who spends most of his time in the dirt is an exercise in futility. But the horses must be fed, mud or no mud... around here it's either mud season or dust season. No in between.

Maybe in my next life I'll have a lawn.


Blogger Rapunzel said...

Your house is fabulous! Lawns are highly overrated, believe me. *grin*

4:03 AM  
Anonymous rhonda jean said...

Hi Aurora, just popped over to say hi. You've got your hands full over there. The house and garden look lovely.

3:00 PM  

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