Saturday, November 29, 2008

turkey tale

It all started with a balloon.... a big balloon. Nice Dad made the paper mache, and the journey began.

Layer upon layer, the bird began to grow...

More balloons, paper tubes, and the appendages took form. Layer and smooth, layer and smooth.

Next came tissue paper layers, and miles of crepe paper fringe. Hot glue held it all together.

A cardboard tail, googly eyes, and pipe cleaner feet completed the look.

Doesn't he look like something from the Macy's Day Parade?

What else do you have when your sixth birthday falls on Thanksgiving? A turkey pinata, of course.

She was so proud. Seems like a shame to go on to the next chapter... yeah, you know what's coming.

The first round was enthusiastic...

... a little TOO enthusiastic.

With a mighty whack, three weeks of creativity were reduced to shreds...

... and the scramble ensued. Notice even Grandma gets in on the action here.

Because after all, that's what it was for.

We will remember him fondly. Hope you all had a fun Thanksgiving too.


Blogger LauraJ said...

i love paper mache! that is one fine bird you had there. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

9:05 AM  
Blogger Ms. Tori said...

What a great tale. Looks like a children's book to be published!

7:09 PM  

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