Monday, November 10, 2008

Summit Riders Horsemen's Association Horse Show and Play Day

All the local horse owners trailered there horses up to Road Apple Ranch and participated in the annual neighborhood horse show. There was a pretty good turnout.

After a bit of a struggle involving smacking, swear words and a broken lunge rope, we got these beasts into the trailer and on down the road. The mighty mounts stand ready here for their big day.

The costume class is always a big hit. Here we have a nervous bride, reluctant to enter the arena and join her groom (also dressed up with black hat and tails - hilarious!)

Little Princess entered the lead line equitation class and learned to keep her chin up, heels down, and teeth showing. She answered the judges' questions like a champ: "My horse's name is Fanny. She is forty years old. I have been riding for three years."

We had a nice day. I won first in Open Equitation, second in Open Pleasure, fourth in Horsemanship (don't ask!), first in poles (48 seconds!!!) and first in the stake race too. I missed a barrel (ironically the only speed event I actually practiced) so didn't place....then Nice Dad swooped in for a second place red ribbon. Even better than winning was the barbecued hamburgers and just hanging out with friends and talking horses.

Big fat clean fun.

We love our horses!


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