Saturday, November 15, 2008


As autumn unfolds I have been doing some thinking. Thinking about Thanksgiving, and how it will all play out (will we have enough room for everyone? Will there be enough food? Will there be political arguments? etc.) I have a grand plan for cleaning the house: pack up everything on every surface, and shove it away. I want clean, serene, and empty space, to fill with people and love and room to breathe.

I'm thinking about next year, and all the changes it will bring. Less driving, for one. Little P. will attend my school, and University will be over. I will make more money. I will plant a garden again. My little deck pots were satisfying, but all I got were tomatoes mostly. One little squash, and no eggplants. I'm looking forward to a big space with raised beds and room for everything we love to eat. These last jewels of the season were chopped and fried with eggs last night.

I'm thinking about my diet, and my (lack of) exercise recently. Seems the seven pounds I gained in the summer have not gone away. I don't like how my pants are fitting. So back to the no white food, high raw regime. Here is Nice Dad's plate from last weekend. I call this the Vegetarian Cowboy breakfast. How can a cowboy be a vegetarian? Well, he chases cows, but then he's nice to them. That would be Nice Dad.

Morningstar Farms "fakin' bacon", ranch fresh eggs (thanks hens!), raisin walnut country bread.

I'm going off to exercise now. My goal is a little something every day. I've already missed a day. *sigh* Got to think of a way to fit it in. What are YOU thinking about?


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