Tuesday, October 28, 2008

simple pleasure

Back to the Felton Farmer's Market. Little P. feels comfortable enough here to take her shave ice to the church steps and hang out with the other resting shoppers while I peruse.

I am starting to like this one better than Santa Cruz (downtown). Much less crowded, a smaller and therefore less confusing layout. Live blues instead of a tribal drumming vibe. More Zen.

And it sells shave ice, which hits the spot on these warm warm days of Indian Summer.

Tonight I whirred up the last delicious raw tomato sauce of the season. Equal parts fresh raw tomatoes, seeded, and oil packed sun dried tomatoes. Salt, pepper, all the garlic and fresh herbs you want (my basil is done, so I used rosemary.) Process until smooth.

I served it on angel hair pasta, alongside organic steamed broccoli and frozen wild salmon from Trader Joe's, steamed with lemon, garlic and dill.

Ummm. Thanks for the memories, summer. They are still raw.


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