Tuesday, October 09, 2007

i can ride

Here I am winning first place for Western Equitation at the Summit Rider's Horseman Association's fall show and playday. This was a childhood dream come true! (Though the horse of my dreams might have looked a tiny bit more enthusiastic.)

Here's Horsey Girl winning third place in her class for the same event. We sure had fun that day!

Even Princess #1 was inspired to enter. Here she is getting ready to win 4th place in Open Western Pleasure. (She found equal pleasure in being Fanny's stylist - check out those braids.)

Little P. got in on the act for the Costume Class. Ever the True Princess, here she is astride her noble unicorn. Another blue ribbon for the team!

Fanny Mae got first place in barrels (me), poles (Meri) and the up-and back (Meri again - by mere seconds!) She also helped Horsey Girl get first place in the egg and spoon race by being so smmmooooth....horses, girls, hamburger BBQ and twelve big ribbons....what's not to love?!

I love my girls!

And oh, more horses are coming to bless us...I can feel them now...


Blogger LauraJ said...

almost makes me wish I had a horse!
congratulations for the wins, fun, hamburgers and lovely time for mama and girls!

4:59 AM  
Blogger Mich said...

Looks as though you had heaps of fun!

8:37 PM  

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