Thursday, October 04, 2007

fair thee well

What does not kill you, makes you stronger. I am pushing on into normalcy now. Some things have been abandoned (gardening and cooking) in my quest to be the best Master's Degree student that I can. The program is challenging and rigorous and it is kicking my ass and I love it.

Things with dh are better. We are working together now towards a goal; breaking through rather than breaking up. I am however changed forever. I can never forgive him. There is a boulder in my heart that that a backhoe couldn't remove. It's heavy, but at least now I can eat and sleep and function.

A few weeks ago we went to the fair.

The big ones never fail to impress. We have one little green one at present, nothing like this!

We saw Phoebe, our goats' mom. Isn't she sweet? She wins lots of prizes every year.

More blue ribbons on the beautiful produce. I wish we had apples like these on our tree. Who plants just one apple tree?! Man the four apples we got this year must have been pollinated all the way from Corralitos town.

I LOVE this guy. He hangs out in the petting area, but always with a 4-H bodyguard to advise the kids, "Just pet his neck, just his neck." Hmmm, you can see why.

And the bottom half, equally amusing.

And of course, the yearly fish, which lasted pretty well this year. At this writing it just met it's demise...but it was a pretty and interesting centerpiece for a couple of weeks.

Other things that have fallen away? Besides blogging (obvious!) I have become kind of sick of all my regular reads. Could it be it's because they are just too, well, happy? Not real? Least of all not interesting. One of my old faves even has her husband writing now *gag* I guess my focus is shifting, old things falling away, new interests coming in. Here's my daily list:

*** Lunaea Weatherstone
(be sure to visit her homepage, especially the oracle!)
*** Rainbow Dreams (don't give up on me, Mich! I'm reading with interest and will write when I can)
*** This great Waldorf Mom's blog
*** Astrology from my 'hood...Risa of Santa Cruz

That's all for now. Must go study...


Blogger LauraJ said...

You had me laughing on the gag part. I hope I don't make you gag!
Still sorry your soul was hurt as well as your heart. RIP little fish!
Yes yes I got your email about the little quilt Feb sounds great. Sorry for my over exuberance thinking you could handle a king size (exxageration). Anyway...have a great weekend!!

1:35 PM  

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