Thursday, April 06, 2006

ostara altar

On the green Kmart scarf: l to r, Horsey Girl's precious sock bunnies; recycled glass egg in a brass wire nest; Fatima with baby; trilogy of green goddesses; Pooh bear for nurturing; Quan Yin, Willendorf mama. Gold coins for money luck, and Princess #1's apple branch wand in front.
Talismans from dear friends (butterfly and cross), and incense holder for sandalwood offerings. Crowned by my favorite Jesus: as shepard. The feeling is calm, blessed and beginning to bud.
A peek at our new fence. Fanny comes home this weekend!!!


Blogger Melanie said...

I would love it if you could explain what or who Ostara is? I love the symbolism of everything you chose for the altar, but I might be missing something here. ;) Thanks

6:10 AM  

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