Wednesday, April 05, 2006


As you might have suspected, it's been RAINING nonstop here. Water, water everywhere, complete with mudslides, basement seepage, foul tempers and no power. I hate turning on the generator just to use the computer, as it seems self - indulgent, but today - forget it. It's self preserving. It's good to be home, as I believe if my first graders don't get recess pretty soon, they will start eating each other. Thank God for the split contract.

At any rate, I have been keeping busy. Here is the book I bought at Kinokuniya, just one of several that I had. to. have. It's wonderful, the pictures are clean and inspiring, and I want to make everything! I have joined up with the Sew? I Knit! bag - a - long and I have many ideas for a bag. I have to complete it by April 30 but that seems easy enough. The only other project I have planned is Greg's hat, which should be quick and fun...but I digress. You can see more pictures on the Sew? I Knit! site, and you can help me decide which wonderful bag to make! OK! I need help choosing.

Ironically however, none of the bags I'm choosing are actually from the book pictured above. Oh no, that's just a teaser. I'll need complete concentration and no deadline to make anything out of that book. But don't feel disappointed, we will revisit.

Now I have big plans for today: finishing the Olympic Failure socks (still wimping along on those), and reading Julie and Julia. I had read a lot about this book on other blogs and was so excited to find it at the library. Alas, I am not that enamored. For one thing, I thought it was about cooking. It's really not, more about the author's ongoing anguish and drama over a project that involves a lot of uninteresting friends and relatives. I am also insulted over and over by her use of expletives. She even mentions how people reading her blog thought they were a bad idea, yet she continues to use foul language and sexual innuendos to (try to) create humor. Sorry Julie, it's just not working for me. I will, however, finish what I began. It looks like the perfect day... (sound of thunder)


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