Wednesday, March 01, 2006


It all started when I had to take back my borrowed Ashford Traveller. I immediately had withdrawals, even though I knew it was not the wheel for me. I didn't even spin THAT much on it, I just missed seeing it in the corner. I really, really wanted a wheel for my own.
I perused Ebay, I looked at catalogues, and the truth sunk in...I just really couldn't afford one right now. You see, I'm only working half time, and I have bills, and I can't justify an expense like that, especially since after I got it I'd be spending so much time using it!

I cast about for ideas...being inherently frugal...and remembered a dear friend of mine who had mentioned she had a wheel I could use. I saw her at school and cornered her. "Hey! I want to borrow your wheel." "Sure," she replied. "When do you want to come over?" "How about Thursday?" I pressed (I don't think she knew how serious I was.) "Um...OK," she said. "I'll just have to get it out of the barn."

Clue #1.
At first glance, well....OK. A little dusty. But wait...there's something wrong with this picture!
"I think it might be missing a couple of parts," my friend says. Umm, a couple?
Well, at least one! That would be...the entire flywheel. And you can see one broken bracket where it should be sitting. "Hmmmm....maybe it's out in the barn still...what exactly does it look like?" she says. Crikey!

I ask (nicely, through clenched teeth) how long exactly it had been since she used it. "Oh, it was a seventies thing," she laughs. ??? "It sat in my living room for a long time...I just liked looking at it. And then the kids started playing with know, it's SO FUN to see how fast you can make it go, and stuff."

It's all fun, until someone gets hurt.
Here's a close up of the broken treadle. I've given up trying to download the last picture (just as depressing) that shows the bracket that holds the moa - cracked. I'll try to get that in another post after I've wiped my tears.

I had asked my friend if she wanted to sell this thing (BEFORE I had actually seen it!) and she said "Oh no, no, but you can borrow it indefinitely." Hmm, interesting. As I loaded it up in the car she asked me, "Do you really want to take it? I know it's in pretty bad shape," and with a tremor in my voice I responded, "Well, we'll give it a go. Maybe one of my guild ladies can help." At which point she offered to help pay for repairs. : )

Enter Stitches West. At the vendor hall I found the venerable Morgaine of Carolina Homespun. I told her of my plight, and she encouraged me to bring it to her shop and she would check it out. Hope springs eternal! Morgaine, if you're reading there any chance we can fix it?!

Stay tuned for more of As The Wheel (can't) Turn...


Blogger Christine said...

I'm glad this wheel found it's way to you, it needs someone to really love it and it looks very repairable. Keep trying to get your friend to "sell" it to you as this wheel is crying to be of use!!!

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Krisnoel said...

My comment is related to those dynamite socks and your home covered with snow. My least favorite month is March. Now I am reconsidering my feelings toward this month. Thank you!

6:14 PM  

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