Monday, March 27, 2006

bunny love

LinkNever turn your back on bunnies. This could happen to you. Actually, I had a blast sewing up these darling wee bunnies. Princess #2 helped pick out the tails and the bows. (Oops, forgot to get a shot of the tails.) I love how these turned out and they will be perfect Eoster gifts for friends and family... they are 100% reused materials, and no two are alike. All lined up like this I'm thinking: bowling for bunnies, anyone!?

Angry Chicken was talking about her favorite cookbooks, so I had to get my two cents in.
Here's the old version of the Anna Thomas book. I agree, the picture is MUCH better, as is the commentary inside I might add. I got this out of the FREE pile at my local favorite thrift store. I don't actually cook out of it too much, but it's a great read, and it has terrific menu ideas for dinner parties and such.
Here's a classic, and one that I DO use quite a bit. My favorites are the Greek lentil soup, the rice-lentil poulou, and a vegetable medley with green apples and dill. This is also very entertaining to read, but not as much as the first version....which, sadly, had fallen completely apart when I finally threw it out! Laurel is a beautiful hippie living an idyllac life in Berkeley, raising her kids in a co-op complete with the cat under the wood stove. I wanted to be her back when I was home with my two big girls, washing my own cloth diapers, baking bread for the Farmer's Market and raising most of what we ate. *sigh* I miss those times!
I was a vegetarian for six years, but started craving meat with my second baby. Now I'm married to a veggy and enjoy cooking some of those old favorites again.
I consider this book my Bible. The cover has long been lost so here's a shot of the title page. The key words here are "short order" - meaning tasty, wholefoods recipes using fresh ingredients that are very, very quick. I highly recommend this book! I ordered mine years ago from the publisher, and have since seen it at the flea market once or twice. It has EVERYTHING, all kinds of ethnic recipes, wonderful soups and casseroles, and it's all made without refined ingredients too (whole grains, honey, etc.)

OK, I'm hungry now! Gotta go start dinner!


Anonymous amy k. said...

woah-I have that last book too!! so weird, I have never seen anyone post/write about it-I sort of thought I was the only one who had it-now I need to pull it off the shelf again!!
thank you!

10:55 PM  
Blogger Krawuggl said...

I have a lot of this kind of books, but have to confess I never use them for cooking (but I like to leaf them through and enjoy the pictures). Most of the recipes are with such a lot of ingrediences, that the list for the market is too long. I think a book with a short list and a quick cooking would be brilliant, but here in Germany not to be found. And I love to read about them here on the blogs, I always need suggestions for the evening-meals.
Your bunnies are so cute!

3:04 AM  
Blogger Peruanita said...

Love the bunnies and we also got to get you cooking some Peruvian food. Oh, and when are we hanging out??? Call me! LOVE you!

11:10 PM  
Blogger Wendi said...

Woohoo! You've been the BEST, and have made this whole thing so much fun! I spent the morning looking over our blog, and we do have so much in common! I'll have to send an email, as I'm sure the comment form won't hold all I have to say!

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:37 PM  
Blogger Green Kitchen said...

Somehow I didn't have you in my Bloglines until tonight--so, now I can keep more current tabs on your craftiness. The bunnies look great, the snow magical, and that poncho looks like it went to the best home ever.

Laurel's kitchen really brings back some memories. I haven't used it in years, but when I was pregnant with my first son I pulled it out to read about prenatal nutrition. After reading it, the night after conception, I ate a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses. Funny memory. The last book looks interesting. I've never heard of it before.

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:45 PM  

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