Thursday, March 02, 2006


Finding a bag of buttons at the thrift store is as good as jewels. Can you spot the treasure here? I suppose everyone's idea will be different. I am looking for smallish black buttons for stuffy eyes at the moment, but I really like the interesting textures here. Now that I look closer, I think some of the smooth white ones would make good eyes on darker animals.
I found more fabric. My collection is starting to grow now. The next part is getting it all washed and ironed so it is usable. I am kicking myself for not snatching up a BOLT of stiff interfacing a few weeks ago...I so want to make bags!
I like the colors of the books with the fabrics...a little light reading, and some Little House books to complete our collection. Also a clutch of fabric roses and (not pictured), some embroidery floss, rick rack and 3 flower appliques, because you can never have too much!
I like this last pile the best. Who could resist that chicken potholder?! A little more fabric (the stuff on the far right is actually a little valance) and my new flip flops, the color was too wonderful to pass up.
Total for the lot: Just under $10.00

I got an email from Morgaine's assistant, who said she could help me fix the wheel with very little trouble. These wheels come ready to assemble, so the parts are easy to get, and it would only be a few days after ordering them to get it put together again. I am so excited! Just need to plan a getaway trip to San Francisco (did someone say adventure?)

We also heard from the fence guy, Harry. He will be starting our corral project as soon as the weather clears up! Hooray! Fannie is getting closer to coming home, and I am so glad. It's frustrating to have to board her in a place where there is nowhere to ride (unless you count going round and round the pen, ugh.) When we get her home, we'll have the whole forest to explore!

And in knitting news....well, the last I saw of the birthday socks, they were in my knitting bag hanging in my closet at school. Well, I got all the way home before I remembered I had forgotten them! Oops. So no progress to show.

But new projects have popped up: I have promised knitted gifts for two of my Team In Training honorees. Bridget, age 9, will get a knitted poncho like this. She is adorable and I think this pattern (in some pretty pink washable) will be perfect for her. Then there is my friend Greg. I emailed him some time ago with the idea of knitting him a hat. He has requested dark green and dark blue...I'm thinking very very soft and wonderful...does anyone have a terrific hat pattern for a 17 year old? And if you are touched by Greg's story, please click on the Team In Training button in the sidebar to find out how you can help! Go! Now!!!

I can't wait to get these projects started. So much to do! I'm glad it's still winter.


Blogger Toni said...

cool flips.. :)

11:52 AM  
Blogger Peruanita said...

hey gorgeous! I just saw your comment on my blog, I had done the comment moderation thing but didn't put my email so they didn't notify me so I didn't see it in order to aprove it. LAME, haha, today I was updating some stuff and I saw it. THANKS! I was wondering why you didn't leave a comment.

Yeah, Random didn't leave one. CHH, so unapprciated it, ahaha but he's totally a nice guy too, I like him a little too. Thanks, some people on the team are reading yours too since I have it as a link of mine. I think yours is hilarious! LOVE, your buddy at track who you're not allowed to talk to (LAME!)

9:33 PM  
Blogger Peruanita said...

Oh, I have to say to everyone that reads Kat's blog, she rocks! And she's so inspirational, you should donate to the cause in her behalf!

9:34 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

The old saying is so true, "one man's junk is another man's treasure". I love to go thrift store shopping, you never know what you will find waiting to come home with you!

11:51 AM  
Anonymous jess said...

glad you received the mohair - hope the fairy comes and ixes your spindle soon!

8:21 AM  
Anonymous amanda said...

oh my goodness. Those treats! Your buttons! Wow...lucky you!

5:07 PM  

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