Tuesday, March 14, 2006

but can she knit?

Hard to believe this started out as a knitting blog. But yes! This sock doesn't have a mate yet, but with any luck...this is one of the famous Birthday Socks, also known as the Olympic Failure socks. Dh seems enamored so far. Get a load of those arches!
I'm also halfway through the knitted poncho for Bridget, my little honoree who has leukemia. I decided to make it a stashbuster project, and so it's turning out quite interesting. If you'd like to help find a cure for leukemia, click on the TNT button in the sidebar.
Here's a picture of our house last weekend. Due to the inclement weather I've been unable to blog - we have to save power while the sun shines! Notice the dogs on the left...they have had a blast in the snow, my Airdale mix seems to love chasing snowballs and looking comically confused when he bites into them - what happened?!
This picture was taken from the newly cleared corral spot. We have almost 20 acres here in the Santa Cruz mountains, three sides on State Park land, one side on a timber preserve - our little piece of paradise.
This is the little bag I ended up making for my friend's daughter. It was a stream of consciousness project...no pattern, no measuring, no real plan other than to make it fun and pretty and just right for holding the little bunny I crafted last week.
She seems pretty pleased with her cozy spot. The fabrics here are all thrifted. The buttons were an afterthought, but tighten up the opening a little so she won't slip out. The handles are twill tape - I made them long enough to go over the shoulder. I think the bag is just big enough for a few little things essential to six year old girls; maybe a nice thing to take along on car rides, to hold crayons or little books.
It all came together in about 45 minutes. I like how all the fabrics worked together, the colors are sweet and speak of spring. I think I'll make some more like this.

And then...I'll knit.


Blogger Peruanita said...

Whoa! Tell your dh, nice legs ;) That's a crazy foot he has, hope the orthotics are working well for him. In another note, how can you whip up cool things in 45 minutes? I'm jealous of your craftiness! I'm glad you posted again. Wishing you lots of sunlight! Love, your secret admirer ;)

6:12 PM  
Blogger Krawuggl said...

What a charming present for a little girl. All little girls have a lot of secret things to hide and carry around. She will be very pleased with it.
And it´s nice for me to see that you have snow,too, even it´s not so much than here in Bavaria. I think, we all need to see the sun and the soil again now, to fill up with warmth and light.
Enjoy your weekend, and happy knitting, I will try to start some socks, too,

11:01 AM  
Anonymous jess said...

love the sock!

And I am in such awe... what a stunning house! Looks fab.

9:58 AM  

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