Friday, August 28, 2009

more horseplay

A few weeks ago we met up at the Santa Cruz Horseman Association Horse Show and Gymkhana.  We all got new outfits, spruced up the horses with lots of Show Shine, and trailered out to meet the eighty degree heat.

Looks like Sparky is having a good laugh here, doesn't it?  And don't you love ND's new hat?

Little P. did well in showmanship and lead line equitation, but when she wasn't participating in her classes she much preferred playing in the club house.  Seems she just doesn't have the horse bug like the rest of us.

But she sure looks cute in the part!

Horsey Girl, on the other hand, (true to her name) rode like a champ the entire day, and pretty much cleaned up in the gymkhana... she won three out of four classes on our fast black horse.  I think the members were actually a little shocked!  Where did this dynamic duo come from?

Here I am, bringin' it home.... God it felt like I was going a million miles an hour but that 15 year old still beat me.

I guess I'm just not as fearless as I used to be.


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