Wednesday, July 08, 2009

sun kat

Here are just a few of the panels that run the solar system for our house.  Generally in the summer we can really turn on the power:  watch TV (not that we have it - just movies), play around on the computer, and run the dehydrator (more on this later!  I'm really having fun with it lately)

The rest of the panels are up on our roof.  It's a clean and clear feeling to life where there are no wires, none of that buzzing energy that surrounds most neighborhoods.

The sun is coming into play in the garden too.  Finally the days are long enough that things are really starting to take off.  This bed holds salad greens, cilantro, dill, parsley, a tomato and two kinds of squash.  As of this post I am harvesting most of the lettuce as I go, juicing and smoothie - ing it up in anticipation of getting a lot more in my CSA box (I hate waste!)

I am particularly proud of my Pumpkin Patch.  These plants are twice as big as when I took this picture just last week!  We will have a happy Halloween for sure (just have to keep watering!)

A morning shot of my kitchen:  chard getting ready to be smoothied, peppermint tea (I've actually started to hate coffee - it smells good, but tastes like motor oil to me), the cup and squeezer I use to make my tonic (I have lemon juice in a big glass of water immediately after I get up) and back in the corner, my growing Raw Library.  It's a little embarassing:  these are just the cookbooks.  Upstairs I have an equal number of all the classics (12 Step To Raw, The Live Food Factor, etc. etc.)  Last week at the thrift store I even found You Body's Many Cries for Water!  I am really reading them all, too, really, I am.

It's getting tough to be a carnivore around here.


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