Thursday, June 18, 2009

eating like a horse

This is Fanny, our oldest girl. She is over forty but still looks fabulous. I think it's from all those raw greens she eats....

A small update on what's really going on.

*I've been eating raw since school got out, June 11th. I've been juicing a lot, eating salads from the garden, and even dehydrating a little - made raw bread and some sweet potato chips. The first couple of days I was pretty low energy, and just took it easy. This morning I woke up at 6 am, feeling totally energized. That's more like it! I also feel calmer and more comfortable in my skin.

*There are some other interesting effects of raw for me. One is an obsession with my teeth. I seem to have a deep sensitivity to the cleanliness of my teeth. What I mean is, I need to brush them every time I eat. Weird, I know... but I've never had better dental hygiene. And flossing? Wow. So. Satisfying.

*Today I'm getting a wisdom tooth pulled. Interestingly, I'm looking forward to it. It's been dead and ugly for many years and I think it will feel lighter and cleaner to get it out of there. Meanwhile I will happily drink green juice and smoothies for a few days while it heals.

*Speaking of moving stuff out, Big P. has gone on her way. Not interested in following rules or being accountable, she has moved in with a friend and is saving up her money. I miss her, but know that Persephone will be just fine.

*And still on the same subject, it seems like I just can't stop getting rid of stuff. The sparser my environment gets, the more blissed out I feel. I've unloaded pictures, books, statues, ritual items, things I thought I was forever attached to...... nah. Not so much. What I want now is experiences, not stuff. I can't even bring myself to buy anything; it really stresses me out to think of having any more STUFF to take care of. Except for raw food books. Naturally.

Summer sunrises are so glorious.... yoga on the deck watching the colors shift. My current mantras: clean. clear. light. slender. grace. peace. love. happy. whole.

There will be a pause now while I contemplate buying a new camera.


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