Sunday, April 05, 2009


Princess #1 turned eighteen last month.  Swamped with work, school, death and transitions, I have been to busy and/or exhausted to post about it.  This morning I am grabbing a few quiet minutes to reflect.

She wanted her ear pierced, way up high, twice.

Santa Cruz is the place to come for piercings.  The range of options is dazzling.

Princess #1 is living at our house now.  She has changed schools and friends.  We are learning to live together again.  It has been four years.  There is a lot to learn.

After a lot of angst and generally freaking out, the deed was done, not quite painlessly, by a very cool dude with many tattoos but a self proclaimed fear of needles.  Go figure.

Part of the learning process is to find out who she is exactly.  This Princess is quiet and private.  She is not assertive and it is difficult for her to ask for help.

The house is crowded.  There is not much privacy in a dome.  We are learning not to step on toes, what buttons not to push, how to maneuver through life together while at the same time getting ready to part ways again.  She is big, but small.

Happy Birthday to my first girl.  Sorry you had to spend it with your boring mom and weird step dad.  Wishing you a future of happiness.


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