Sunday, July 05, 2009

back at it

Hello all.  Today is All Raw Day #5 (not counting a slight wandering off the path for chips and salsa on Friday - sh!)  Progress, not perfection.  I can tell you I have lost two pounds so far and every morning I am waking up with more and more energy.  So much so that I may even *gulp* start exercising soon!

Here we have buckwheat, wheat berry, and lentil sprouts.  Back with a vengeance I tell ya!  This time I'm even talking to the damn things.  That's how blissed out I feel.

As soon as I wake up I can't wait to get into the garden.  I'm sorry that I didn't take Before and After pictures of this space... you would never have believed it that just three months ago this was a thatch of raspberry, poison oak and something I call "thistle bombs", a clever name for milk thistle.  My brave gardener walked calmly into this scary jungle and just said his favorite English words:  "Is no problem."

About six weeks later I had my space:  deer and dog-proof fence, and six 5' by 10' raised beds.  Each one took six loads of 2 year old horse manure compost, lovingly hauled by yours truly with a little help from some friends.  And wa la!

Sometimes I just get lost in here.  I'm still planting herbs along the fence, and so far I have three kinds of basil, tarragon, sage, thyme and oregano.  I could wander around for hours, pulling little weeds, snipping off dead leaves and buds, or just staring at the beautiful work of the Goddess.

Yesterday's harvest:  Italian parsley, radishes, zucchini, chard and French beans.

Most mornings start with fruit.  I have a huge green smoothie with chard, lettuce, parsley, or whatever else looks good, blended up with frozen banana and mango, fresh orange and lemon juice.  I LOVE getting bananas 1/2 price!  This way I can try banana ice cream very soon.

Lunch yesterday:  marinated garden veggies, raw "potato" salad (recipe from Living on Live Foods), and saurkraut.  A variety of flavors, textures, and colors that is sooo satisfying.

My new camera and I will return soon.  Happy Summer!


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