Saturday, March 07, 2009


One thing I learn as I get older, life just keeps getting more and more amusing. Sometimes the only answer you can give is, whatever. There is no telling what people will do or say, what is around the corner, and how you feel about it doesn't make a smidgeon of difference.

I have a few pics left I haven't share from the trip. Love our new home grown Hawaii president. He sure has been a busy boy on the job lately. Moving and shaking! And all the talking heads gnashing their teeth.... I think it's wonderful. I love both of these shirts.

Our last beautiful night we celebrated Nice Dad's 50th. He didn't want a big deal but we did get him an ice cream brownie with a candle on top.

Wishing I could tuck one of these behind my ear as I walk down the street on my way to the beach.

More pictures to come, after I sort out the amazing technicolor pieces of my life that are calling.


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