Saturday, March 14, 2009

wrapping up

A few more highlights of the trip.  Meanwhile, life is roaring along at my heels.  So much upheaval, and change, and angst.  I am practicing being a rock.

Here's Little P. with the world's largest aloha shirt.  We love Hilo Hattie's, and felt sad to hear they might be going out of business.

Here at the International Market Place I bought five silver toe rings for $40, and ND and I both got new stickers for our cars.

I strung some of these treasures on hemp twine for a simple necklace.

I miss the heavenly smell of ginger and pikaki and pumeria...

When things feel tough, I imagine my toes sinking deep into the soft warm sand.  Soothing.

Just a ways from our condo, a polite reminder.

Here we go on the wiki wiki to the shops!  Such a great ritual.

This kitty is the resident at what we call the "bird lady's house".  This little hut is wedged between the highrises, and the black and white cat has been there every year.

The bird lady actually feeds these white doves, and they swarm into her dirt yard and nest on her roof.  It's beautiful actually, we always look forward to seeing her house again.

I wish I was that crazy bird lady, three blocks from the beach.  Just me, the cat, and 1000 doves.


Anonymous Ingrid said...

Cute post! I love all animals and think the bird lady is awesome. I have 3 cats, all rescued and are living the life.

Hope you enjoy a great week!

12:07 PM  

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