Sunday, February 22, 2009

happy hawaii

Don't want anyone thinking I'm a big whiner.  Last night ND and I snuck off for a walk up the strip.  The sunsets here are the bomb.

They love their Obama here.  I dug the t - shirts spotted in various shops here and there.

This one was at Crazy Shirt.  Love this!

Here's the view from a little bar up the street from our beach spot.  We had mai tai's and nachos as the birds flew in and out around our heads.  (Yes the raw diet is on hold at the moment - thought I'm still doing a green smoothie every morning.)

I haven't bought a lei yet this trip.  I love the colors of Hawaii!

My favorite hotel.  This place has big wide plank floors and oversize rocking chairs on the porch.  Big ceiling fans and quiet ukelele music completes the sense of place.  Gorgeous.

Ginger grows like weeds.

Buildings are refreshingly bright and artistic.

Abstract hibiscus on a construction wall...

...and real ones growing at the foot of it.

Ah, that's better!  Today we're off to Haunama Bay.


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