Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I'm settling into a nice rhythm at home now. Back into my exercise routine means more energy for the rest of the day. I'm really working hard on clearing my space. I'm attacking drawers, closets and piles.

Like this one for instance. Here sits a year's worth of artwork from Montessori school. Piles of paintings and drawings, all too precious to throw out without a second look. I taped my favorites to the wall and recycled the rest. A small pile sits next to my printer, waiting to be scanned. Then on to the next pile!

Between purging I am binging in the kitchen. It feels so great to be eating this living food lately. Here's the hummus I couldn't wait to make... the beans taste just as good as cooked, a little fresher tasting I think... tahini, garlic, Bragg's, then I whirled it all up and ate it with raw zucchini and carrot "chips".

These are the raw version of lemon bars (my favorite dessert). Almonds, dates, coconut and lemon juice/zest patted into the pan. Yum!

What are you eating these days?


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