Saturday, June 07, 2008


We have been luxuriating in the extravagance of our own home. Once you almost lose something, you find a certain fondness towards it right away...almost like falling in love again. I've been doing yoga and reading raw food blogs.

Meanwhile school is winding down. We took a last minute field trip to Hidden Valley farm in Los Altos. I remembered that I had visited (and blogged) a trip there maybe a year or so ago with my friend L and her little pumpkin.

Nd and I went on a date the night before the fire started. We attended a county workshop on land management and composting. We learned the difference between paddock and pasture. Above is a lovely example of the latter.

Lots of inspiration here. Can you imagine a bathtub literally full of healing herbs? Maybe one of comfrey or chamomile that you could actually lie down on. This makes me want to scavenge a little. Spirit whispers: Less stuff.

My class adored this plant tunnel at the entrance to the garden. We visited animals here, but nothing as remarkable as what I have at my house. It was great to pick and taste things, touch plants and feel the good green energy all around. I believe we should work more on this at my school.

I am drinking Julia's Power tea (Love Your Life) this morning and enjoying my little deck's nothing like this one, but it is a start. Maybe it's a good time to take some more pictures. I like the idea of visualizing a garden within my heart. If there was something growing there, I believe it would look like this. Lush herbal loveliness.

After that it's off to the beach and visiting my best friend. Have a nice Saturday!

PS As you can see, I'm too lazy to link things. But Google is our friend.


Blogger kim said...

Here is a good Raw Food one:

And I just discovered this family:
living a simple life, they gave almost all of their possessions away.

Have a lovely weekend!

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