Monday, June 16, 2008

let it begin

Here is where I will be eating my meals now that it's summer... I'll be consuming perfectly composed arrangements of raw and living foods.

Here is where I will bathe. This morning I gave myself a Salty Sea pedicure, complete with new nail color (red bien sur). It is warm enough now for a frosty bath.

We will all indulge in some exotic spa treatments including one that magically transforms you into a beautiful mermaid!

The time has come for leisure, reflection, and extreme self-care. Gentle recreation, meandering along, and generally relaxing are the activities of choice.

And of course yoga.

I am obsessed with eating as many live, fresh, organic plants I can. This year the garden is limited, but I am so lucky to live in this gorgeous, fertile state where abundance is the norm and organic is just expected. Next year we will have raised beds brimming with goodness.

Summer comes! Let it begin!


Blogger LauraJ said...

happy summer!!

11:34 AM  

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