Monday, June 23, 2008

summer solstice

Happy Solstice! I have returned from retreat in the High Sierras. The mountains there were fresh and cool, and covered with many many wildflowers. I spotted some from my childhood by the stream, we called them "shooting stars".

We stayed together in an old ski lodge, twelve women all gathered to heal together and in so doing heal the earth. This was the view from the top (hope this cools off some of you experiencing extreme heat right now!) Saturday a thunderstorm rolled through, dropping huge random drops of warm rain on us as we hiked.

The lodge was cozy, but could become cave-like to me; most of the women (curiously) didn't like to go outside. So I had some faery healings out in the meadow, and followed the sound of water to a creek farther along the path.

I saw a big duck take off from this pond. I had a Soul Retrieval, and brought back a piece of myself at fifteen. Evidently I have been acting too "down to earth" for this person. So she's back, and wanting to sew more. I had a deep healing on Saturday night which involved my Deepest Sorrow. And so today I feel a little slow and tender, continuing my practice through eating and meditating and reading and resting.

I found a patch of snow, and I reveled in the stages of Water. I left the fairies some of my hair.

What did you do for Summer Solstice?


Blogger LauraJ said...

we swam in the kiddie pool!
your retreat looked mahvelous dahling. oh how i'd love to be sitting in front of you like that praying to the heavens above!

1:43 PM  

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