Monday, June 02, 2008


Interestingly, the recent crisis with the fire sparked my interest in eating carbs. In search of comfort, I began eating things I never eat, like lots of sourdough toast, some of it even with peanut butter!

Holly here will eat almost anything, of course.

Another funny thing that happened after we evacuated was that I began fantasizing about what I would cook when they finally let us go home. Number one on the list: granola.

I use the second recipe from Joy of Cooking. It's basically three parts oats to one part wheat germ, dry milk solids, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and almonds. Coconut is good here too, so are sesame seeds and dried fruit (but don't add this last until after you toast it). Mix that up with honey and a little canola oil.

Toast in a slow oven until you can smell it. Break into chunks and store airtight. So easy! So perfect!

Best enjoyed with Greek yogurt and sliced organic strawberries. Um, yum.

Craving satisfied. Eat slow.


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