Wednesday, June 18, 2008

what to eat

One thing that you may or may not know about me is that I am obsessed with food. I like to get an idea and try it out for awhile. Right now it's all about eating raw. I figure, what better time? I'm hanging out, it's too hot to cook, and there's some amazing food out there. The colors and textures really stand out better when it's raw.

So I keep buying more vegetables and fruits, and because they are all there and need to be eaten (before they spoil) I am eating them like crazy. I am also drinking crazy amounts of water, which feels nice. There is a lot of chopping involved with this diet.

Now here's my third attempt at sprouting. The first time was with my class. Then I made salad mix last weekend and ate it ALL. These are garbanzo beans for hummus. I can't WAIT to make this.

This almond butter was an experiment. I mistakenly added oil to the nuts. I should have just stuck with water. It still tasted OK, but I will chuck this and try again. Too bad since almonds seem to have gone up in price a lot!

My lunch was delish. That's falafel in there and yes, it's not raw. But it was a small amount and added the right texture. That and some tomatoes and cauliflower coleslaw wrapped up in romaine. Yum!!!

I had lots of water today, and some Love You Life tea. Soon I leave for the Sierra's to celebrate Summer Solstice with womyn!! I can't wait!!


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