Friday, July 27, 2007


The henceforth mentioned apricot tree has become a tempting buffet for a little visitor. Actually she is almost the size of our larger dog, a fawn with black face and ears and a long dark stripe down her back.

You know she must be young, to be adventurous enough to come so close to the house. And I don't panic and shoo her off...she's not bothering anything, just eating the apricots that have fallen to the ground (pecked off by nasty bluejays, likely as not).

We watched her for a long time, fascinated by her method: pop one in her mouth, chew vigorously while twitching her ears and tail; then out drops the pit from one side, and she licks her lips over and over. You could almost hear her say, "Mmmmm, maybe just one more...."

Hey, now! Step away from the gate...there's nothing in the garden for you!

Ooooh! I hear something! Gotta go.

I am blessed to live in nature and surrounded by beauty...


Blogger Mich said...

Oooh ... I just know how you feel ... I love it when we get stray kangaroos come and visit!

She is beautiful and looks as though she is enjoying your garden!


5:48 AM  

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