Sunday, July 15, 2007


Summer is peaking here in the forest. Our plum tree has been bursting with fat specimens. Yesterday I picked a huge basketful, then fell into the hammock with my pile of reading material (I'm about halfway through....)

Hmmmm, this pile seems to run the gamut, doesn't it? From the bottom:
***indulging my love of all things bento
***wishful thinking that I really CAN lose five more pounds before I leave for Maui (hey, it's a two week program!)
***another lunch focused book that I first found at the library (then ruined, had to pay for it, and they refused to give it to me - hrumph)
***how to clean your house while you clear your mind (excellent!)
***pure fantasy indulgence - I've been eating fruit and Pecorino for a week since finishing this
***a channeled work from my favorite Saint
***a true story about a cooperative community that is flourishing (how did they do it?)
***how to move your stuff around to create the life you want
***setting up nature corners (I may do this in my classroom this year)
***and to sum it all up, Instant Karma! Just add water and zoom to enlightenment. (Just kidding - these are quick ideas for making your life more joyful and staying present.)

Time is flying by. Are you present?


Blogger Nicole said...

Those plums look so yummy!!

10:43 AM  

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