Sunday, July 22, 2007

fashion victim

As the long days of summer stretch out, we are in constant search of ideas for things to make and do. I was tickled to find little P. sporting this inventive top.

Above her on the windowsill is a little piece of art that she created while "helping Daddy." This mixed media work was done entirely by herself. Thank goodness for Dads, I'm sure it never would have happened if I had spotted her with that hammer.

Scraps of wood picked up in the garage, lots of nails, blue marker, and that's one of the dog's balls nailed into the middle.

I guess boredom can be the mother of great creativity.


Blogger ellen said...

Awww, what a cutie! Both the paper bag fashion and the work with Daddy take me back years to when my boys were little. Just hand them a hammer and some nails, and away they went. I do recall a slight mishap with some paint and a cat when Mom was otherwise engaged! The cat survived and lived a full life, praise be. We have a picture of our oldest sporting a paper bag coat he made. It's hysterical.
Best, Ellen

10:40 AM  

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