Wednesday, March 21, 2007

welcome spring

Blessed Spring Equinox to y'all. The blue garter stitch pony was Horsey Girl's first (and last, besides head bands) knitting project, and the one that made solid her talent for the craft (if not her patience.) I really didn't help her too much with it, and when she got to knitting the other side I noticed she didn't need the pattern any more, she remembered it from the first side...including the number of decreases, and the fact that it was knit in the opposite way. I was so proud of her, and equally horrified to find it tossed away in a pile at the back of her closet while I was cleaning. Now she embodies the Goddess Epona, and I feel another horse coming into our lives soon...

The High Priestess from my beloved Tarot deck is there as a reminder from my Authentic Self to incorporate majick into my daily stay centered and true to hold the balance between the worlds. Yes, my deck is in German, I bought it that way unknowingly, but it's the images that count anyway. I think I am a pretty good reader, even though I don't practice enough.

The weather has turned (again!) and we had showers and cold skies yesterday. Every time I open the door to the coop the hens make a dash for it, so I relented. See how happy they are to be out in the big, green world! From front to back, we have Red Angel, Tinkerbell, Jasmine and that's Riley bringing up the rear. Not pictured: Beauty, the barred Rock.

Hope your day is lush and green.


Blogger Bean said...

Happy Spring Equinox to you too! I wanted to thank you for being an inspiration to me. Of course, you wouldn't know how...but I have been reading/studying/immersing myself in a new path and have created a beautiful Eostar/Equinox altar and have been teaching my girls about the Goddess. It is amazing to see the excitement in my 4 year olds eyes when she explains the altar to people, or finds something new to add to it. I have known for some time that I believed in the ways of the Goddess, but it took a little pushing to get going...and that little push was you!! So thank you! :)

PS. I also haven't mentioned it on my own blog, but I do knit!! I'm busy with baby blankets and will eventually post pictures of my finished projects!)

7:39 PM  
Blogger Connie Peterson said...

Happy Ostara to you! Blessed Spring is coming back to our land, as well ... most of the snow is gone and it SMELLS like spring!

9:29 AM  

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