Thursday, February 15, 2007


When in Hawaii we paid a visit to Le Sport Sac. Being a fan of all things Japanese how could I resist Tokidoki?
Here's a peek at the inside, equally cute. And the rainbow zippers! The green zipper pulls! The details are wonderful, the craftmanship unique. It took no time to fall in love. The size is deceiving also...wallet, dayplanner, mirror, lipstick, address book, camera and of course the cell phone all fits snugly.
Not to be outdone, P. #2 scored this new lunch pail last week. Just the right thing for a baby bento and a teensy thermos of juice.

Cute rules.


Blogger Laura said...

cute definately rules! I love your bag AND the girls lunch box! i'd find uses for them. Never too old for cute!!

5:18 AM  

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