Sunday, March 11, 2007


My oldest daughter is sixteen today. That makes it my birth day. Isn't she gorgeous? Her name is Madeline (known more commonly here as Princess #1, for all the obvious reasons.) Maddi was born on a bright sunny afternoon in San Jose, my only hospital birth. The next morning, we awoke to find a dusting of snow outside our bedroom winter.

Upon Madeline's birth I became a stay - at - home mom. Maddi grew up playing outside in the forest, exploring her world with very few boundaries. I always knew when she was happy because she would sing to herself, something she still does now. She was a content child, very adaptable and creative...she never clinged to me, but we did enjoy reading books together and doing side by side crafts and artwork. She is a wonderful artist.

She's a natural on horseback, but not as interested in riding as her sister is, a shame really. All around athletic, she won her middle school Turkey Trot twice in a row, and came in 3rd in a 5k we did as a family a few years back.

When Maddi was in second grade, I got a divorce from her Dad and she was devastated. How does one explain to a child the horror of realizing that you have made the worst mistake of your life? That everything will change except your undying love for her? That despite the chaotic appearance of the time, everything was going to be all right? There was no way I could tell her how much better I would be to break away from that abusive and dysfunctional scene...she only saw her own world falling apart.

Time softened things...the girls shared equal time with both of us. Changes husbands, new schools, a new sister. Maddi chose to spend more time with her Dad in the city. I saw her drift away from me, but all I could do was wave. It hurt to have her stray to the "other side", but I let her go with love. Our time together is precious and meaningful now, no moment is wasted, we live sweet and juicy because this day will never come again.

She is a soccer star now, one of two sophomores chosen for the Varsity team this year, and traveling the state with her local team for most months. She chastises me for knitting during games but hey! At least I'm there...and the one hour pre-game warmup is the perfect time to hit garage sales. Life is full of opportunities.

I love you, Madeline Elizabeth. I'm so proud of the woman you are becoming. Our best times together are yet to come, I promise.


Blogger Christine said...

Madeline and I have something in common, I was born in San Jose too!

Tell horsey girl that I wish her the happiest of birthdays and I'm glad she is growing into a woman that her mother is proud of!

12:52 PM  
Anonymous maddi said...

thank you so much mommme. it brought tears to my eyes and i can't explain to you how much that meant to me. i love you so much and that never changes. I can't wait to grow stronger with you and show you how much i look up to you.

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh, what a gorgeous girl! And what a beautiful relationship. I hope my daughter and I are as close when she is 16. Happy birthday Madeline, I hope life brings you wonderful things. - Helen (blog reader, learning to knit!)

3:41 PM  

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