Tuesday, February 13, 2007

winter activity

Here is the rain gauge I got dh for Solstice. We've had two storms in the last ten days, with predictions of more to come. For now, all is calm. But there are always lots of preparations to be made. Life in the mountains during the Winter can be downright treacherous.
The hens are worried, but that is their nature. The coop has been tightened up and the roof secured. Their feet might get a little wet, but if they are smart they will stay under or in their nesting boxes. Oops, I gave them too much credit now didn't I. Did you know there is actually a pet chicken society in Santa Cruz? Sorry, I just can't go there. I love my hens, but they are not pets.
High on the priority list: fixing the back deck. We have a gorgeous set of French doors leading out to....nothing. Shades of the Winchester Mystery House.

Notice all the quality help he's getting here. Pulling nails can be a drag without quality help.

Inside the French doors, the cyclamen keeps blooming, stretching out in whatever direction suits.

I think I'll follow suit.


Blogger Laura said...

what sweet pictures into daily life in your home. or outside of your home.
I'm back to working on the crazy quilt I started last summer. I was snipping pieces of fabric you had sent me for the crazy stripped borders.

7:59 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

Bloom where you are planted, darlin', bloom where you are planted!

Beautiful photos as usual. I love the glimpse into your life that you treat us with!

5:02 PM  

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