Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Horsey Girl and I had so much fun shopping yesterday. First we went thrifting. We found this wonderful Buddha. I think he's God of wealth - or maybe shopping! He's carrying his loot and standing on a big bag of money. A tiny Japanese tea set for Princess #2. And the felt carp is a tape measure! Too great.
This wonderful fabric, future dresses for my cutie girl. She may be going to preschool soon and will need a new wardrobe. Each of these was $2 and there's over two yards of fabric. I just love the colors and prints!
Here we have a little obsession indulgence. For a couple of weeks now I've been checking out sites like this and this and ooooooh! This one. I drool, exclaim, and fantasize about the lunches I will be creating for school next year. So I had to get the stuff, right? Now don't get excited. We found a Japanese Dollar Store on our travels, called the Lychee House. None of these beautiful bento boxes were more than $2.50 - even the lacquer ones! I tell you, I have seen these online for upwards of $15! So we were pretty stoked to get such a wonderful variety. In the basket: tiny condiment bottles, cutters for veggies in the shape of flowers, two different sushi molds, a bamboo rolling mat and, of course, chopsticks.
After hitting Kinokuniya for cute erasers and some Japanese craft magazines (no, you'll just have to wait for another post!), we ventured into Mitsuwa Marketplace for some goodies to pack into our new bento boxes. Things you just can't get at Safeway... mochi buns, rice crackers, petit puddings, and some beautiful candies in gorgeous colors to round out the rainbow. Also a nice big fine strainer for washing rice. I'm going to attempt to make sushi...

And later, how this all ties into knitting and finishing the darn quilt. he he just kidding


Blogger LauraJ said...

What a nice haul you got!!
The dresses will certainly be lovely for little miss starting school soon!! They just grow so fast. And once they are in school, they grow even faster!!
Love all that Japanese cute!

5:54 AM  

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