Saturday, July 08, 2006


I ask you now to bear witness to the mess that is my "studio". Actually it is just a section of our upstairs room where the big girls sleep when they are here. Slowly but surely I have encroached upon their space until what remains can only be entitled "chaos".

Sewing machine and supplies, piles of fabric, boxes of fiber and yarn. Tubs of P. #2's art supplies, lacking a better place to put them. A tower of office supplies, beads, stickers, stationary and glue. Oh, and a stash of empty containers - I've been collecting them so I can (ahem) organize.

Unfortunately it's hotter than blazes upstairs right now. Organizing will have to wait. And the girls don't come home until next week. (Swinging the camera in either direction would reveal dirty clothes mountains, unmade beds, stacks of books and entire generations of dust bunnies.)

Instead, I've been hitting the thrift stores (I know, big surprise.)
The surprise is, I actually dragged dh along with me this time. I found these awesome books, $1 each. The Indian Vegetarian book is incredible authentic and weighs a ton. The other three are from the sixties, fluffy and colorful. Can't wait to peruse them with Horsey Girl (she loves to bake.)
Why do I buy old knitting patterns? I keep hoping someone will want to do a trade! Meanwhile, they pile up. The cutie pie in the hat is modeling some really interesting crochet hat and bag ensembles. And Knitting is Fun and Easy Too when you've got a cute co-ed boyfriend to hang out with.

Of course I can justify purchasing the Recipes for Arts and Crafts materials because I'm a teacher. There's great ideas in there for homemade playdoughs, paints, glues, inks and other projects. And the paper angels are just ADORABLE. Some scrapbook junkie really really wants these.



Blogger Christine said...

You and I would get into serious trouble if we lived near to each other, I love thrift shops! There is always some treasure to be unearthed!

I have the Cooky Book. Mine came from my great grandmother who used to do baking once a week. She would bake masses in that one day. Try the Austrian Cream cookies, yum! Especially with a cup of tea!

Trade? Are you serious? Currently I am looking for anything from pre WWII to post WWII. Patterns, ect.... I don't know if I would have anything that you would want to trade for, but I just might ;)

11:24 AM  
Blogger LauraJ said...

That looks like my bedroom!! oh my goodness, I'm so ashamed of the chaos!
I wouldn't even dare post a picture of my mess. Way too embarassing!
I'm working in little strides to make some sense of it all... slowly but surely. But with that sewing machine sitting on the table in the corner it gets awful lonely and want's to be loved. And the fabric just screams at me, use me use me. So then the cleaning gets puts aside for the creating.

2:39 PM  

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