Thursday, July 13, 2006

orange you glad

Some random things to be GLAD about today:

** We are going to the movies to see Pirates and that delicious Johnny Depp dude. I know the reviews are mixed - but we hardly ever see movies, and a matinee with my sweetie seems so sweet.
** Dh has had a nice looong vacation, and has completed many unfinished house projects - including this wall, which had long been requiring wallboard, texturing, and paint. Here he gets a little help with the latter (it's still in her hair.)
** I have learned to slow down more lately. I was feeling overwhelmed when school ended... I realized how much stress I've been holding onto, and finally, finally I've been managing to let it go. Walk mindfully, stay present, breathe... P. #2 helps me with this. Seeing the world through her eyes, down on her level, seems to keep things real and in proper perspective. The perfect place to be is right here, right now.
** I am glad to embrace my lifestyle, living without neighbors and the crush of the city. When I drive in town, I feel smothered sometimes, like the cars and the houses and the people are all kind of piled up on top of each other, impeding progress. Living in the forest, I can stretch out, walk (or ride) for miles without seeing a soul. If a car drives by, we notice. Our dogs can bark, the kids can squeal, we can all be free... and noone is there to complain. Yes, it takes sacrifice, and can be inconvenient. I wish for more company sometimes. But at night, when I can hear the stars and smell the moon, all is right in our personal world.

Of course, this translates a different way too: Camping is NOT vacation. Vacation means a hotel room, cable and pool.
** Simple pleasures are the best. Hence after our Aquarium visit we hit the candy store for bags the size of our heads, filled with our favorites. Sweet treats and sugary dreams - there's nothing a little candy can't cure.
** Five more weeks of this glorious summer.


Anonymous Cristina said...

You're right about the candy, sister... Okay, now I'm officially caught up with all your blog entries. Now... WRITE MORE! ;) Love, me

3:00 PM  
Blogger LauraJ said...

what a lovely post!
I shall take the time today to be glad of so many things.
first on the list: I'm glad I finally scrubbed that bathroom floor!! (and if you knew me you'd know I abhor washing floors)

7:40 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

that's ridiculous that the magazines haven't arrived yet! I'm absolutely certain I sent them airmail, what a waste of money!

(of course, I'm going to look really silly when they arrive and it turns out I did send them surface.... but I'm pretty sure I didn't! now where did I put that receipt...?)

2:23 PM  

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