Tuesday, July 04, 2006

it's a jungle

As the summer days stretch on, there is the question of how to fill them. That is, without watching TV, the bane of my existence!

P. #2's favorite toys are her plastic animals. She has about 300 of them...I find them posed all over the house in different ways, and it always gives me a smile. Jungle and farm friends are all jumbled up, and usually there's a dinosaur or two in the mix as well. Here's a little vignette from the dining table.

Earlier last month, I purchased this dollhouse from Ebay. It was my first time buying on the site, and I think I got a pretty good deal - the house was $3, plus $15 for shipping. It came with a little bit of furniture, and it is all wood. I'm giving a conscious effort to eliminate plastic stuff from my kid's world, but it's pretty tough! Other than the animals, of course. I recently spent several hours going through all her toys and getting rid of "brand name" merchandise. I guess I'm gearing up for Waldorf school! Or something like it. It sure feels better, and her room looks more organic now.

Queen Licorice approves.


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