Friday, July 07, 2006


I know I promised crafting. But Christine wanted to see the finished sand candles. I think they make a nice display down the center of my farm table, mixed in with my old shell collection and some potted herbs. Martha has nothing on me, baby.

To tell the truth, I haven't been crafting much. I need to find the filling and back for the Box of Crayons quilt; I also will probably need to do some ripping out on it. I stitched it together hastily and, in retrospect, I think it could use some tweaking to get the effect I'm after. The cross stitch project is lanquishing in its bag while I knit....dishcloths. I like to do this in the summer because they are small, light and cool. In addition I was ridiculed by co - workers when I knitted them in the staff room last winter. ("You're making what?!") But you can't buy these things at Kmart, let me tell you.

I leave you now with a pic of a little altar / niche I have outside.
The Tree of Life is from Ireland, a gift from dh back in our courting days. On top sits a tiny Mary in a plastic vial of holy water - the sticker says it's from Lourdes.

Today is the best day of your beautiful life.


Blogger Christine said...

I love the candles! Thank you for sharing them!

Hey, Aurora..... is that a broom above your door? I just had to ask!

1:07 PM  

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