Thursday, June 29, 2006


Here are our new friends, Billy Hamin and Holly Himin. Their last names originated from a couple of imaginary friends P #2 had last year. They are friendly, sweet and as you can see, adorable little Lamancha goats.

They seem to be settling in fine, and Fanny likes them too as long as they are not eating her alfalfa.
They skip, frolic, and butt each other around. I like that they are a somewhat American breed - a mix of Swiss and Spanish ancestory. And their little bleating is very endearing, whenever I venture outside. They adore company.

So the farm grows.

On the creative side, I'm enjoying my cross stitch project. It is lighter and cooler than knitting, though not as portable. It requires good light and keen concentration.
I especially love the little pink horse head I found at Joann's to organize my threads. That and the gold plated needle that came with this particular kit (50 cents, brand new) make my experience complete. I think this will become a bag to hold other stitching projects.

I work without a hoop, because I hate fussing around with it. The title of this piece is A Stitch In Time. Summer stretches on.


Blogger Christine said...

Will there be feta cheese in the future? Lovely on salads!

They are adorable and I bet the kids love them ;)

2:29 PM  

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