Tuesday, June 27, 2006

finished object

The poncho has landed! Modeled by my dear Horsey Girl (disregard the dirty feet.)
The stats: Two skeins of Red Heart TLC Amore in Plum Print. The pattern is basically two long garter stitch rectangles (18" by 30") that are sewn together to create a kind of mobius design. Then lots and lots of 10" pieces hooked through the edge to make fringe.

I am pleased with the softness and drape of the fabric, and the overall stitch consistency is pretty good. I found the pattern here and then enlarged it a bit to be adult sized.

Let's hope Jenn likes it.

I leave you with some thrifted goodness:
From my favorite local spot, Happy Dragon. Left to right: fantastic cross stitch animals! I am getting into cross stitch again (it's been 20 years). A redwork ornament kit (I can't stop buying Christmasy stitchery ornament kits - they're everywhere!) Both kits are unopened. And a book for H.G., my resident baker. The pictures are so drooly.

Oh yeah, and three more aprons too (giggle)...let's just say they're PERFECT.

We're off to get the baby goats today!


Anonymous Sylvie said...

Any time you're at the Happy D you must swing by and say Hi. I have treats waiting for you.
Check out this site on Flickr for Redwork: http://flickr.com/photos/redwork-in-germany/

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Cristina said...

Helloooo! I'm catching up on your posts, a month's worth! The poncho for Jenn looks awesome! Jenn is pretty short, though, I think your daughter might be way taller than her already haha. I'm sure it's perfect, though, and it looks fantastic. I know she'll be really happy with it! Love, me

2:26 PM  

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