Thursday, July 27, 2006

jumping to conclusions

After lengthy observation and careful thought, the following conclusions have been made:

**I am pretty useless during the heat. Recent temps in the 100's has made for several completely unproductive days.

**I finally have enough fabric to make me feel guilty for buying more fabric. In fact, since today is cooler and I have no excuse, I will be examining said fabric and deciding on my next move.

**I am procrastinating on the quilt. It is SO unlike me. Leo being a fixed sign, I rarely start stuff before finishing (most) WIP's. I know, I know... call me crazy. So will the world end if I don't finish the quilt?

Or should I enter it in the Fair and MAKE myself finish it? Hmmmm....tempting.

**I am going to get my Master's Degree. I shall be applying to San Jose State this fall to start at Spring Semester. (There, I've said it.)

**If you don't believe that life is long and you will enjoy them later, you will feel guilty about the times when you want your children to go away.

**When things change constantly, it's a sign that they are alive.
A mama deer and her babies in a nearby apple orchard. Do you think the farmer constructed the "skeleton deer" to scare them away? They don't look very scared. It's fun to see them stand on their hind legs to reach the tender leaves.


Blogger LauraJ said...

good afternoon!
you should enter your quilt in the fair! it will motivate you to finish something. now when you get some motivation juice, pass some on to me!! I sure need it! I have way too many started projects.
As for that fabric buying, I'm not feeling guilty, yet. If it's coming in faster than it's being used up then I'll start to put the breaks on. I have not bought so much fabric in years I tell you, years!! I'm finally using the stuff I didn't want to touch so long ago. Projects projects projects.
off to look at some more blogs for inspiration, then off to sew some more!!

3:02 PM  

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