Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I have been trying for THREE DAYS NOW to post here. I have never posted without pictures. It just seems so....unfinished, somehow. But, damn it, I cannot get anything to fly. Is it the heat? Mental blocks? Blogger sent me their form email back with 50 or so links to why this might be happening......*yawn* I'm getting a Bad Response From The Server. Or else the upload is "done" (according to the bottom bar) and yet, no image.

So I just needed to let you all know....I'm here. I'm trying. And I won't give up!

I have so much to show the magazines I got from this gal. The first sweater I ever knit, unearthed in a recent cleaning frenzy. More sushi. Shots of the goats being adorable.

I'm gathering goodies for the Birthday Swap too. It's cooler today, and we have Big Plans: downtown Santa Cruz, the library, and the Farmer's Market. I'll take pictures, and I'll try back again later.


PS I did have time, in the midst of the endless waiting for imageless downloads, to tweak the sidebar a little; I retrieved the buttons I had recently lost and adjusted my blog list. I also updated my profile and for now it feels right.


Anonymous Sylvie said...

I like your latest profile! The Gemini in me wants to write a new one every other month.
I wonder if that photo downloading bug is the same one that wasn't allowing you to load photos on Flickr? Did your browser get updated since your last posting with photos?

2:06 AM  

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