Friday, June 23, 2006

collections 101

It all started with seeing aprons everywhere. I began to embrace them as an idea somehow beyond its time. Decoration, but useful.

So I made that first (rather stiff) one with a towel. Then I snapped up the orange one at the local Grey Bears thrift store. I think it was $2.

Hanging above it is a lovely gift from a dear friend. And if you haven't been to her place, you're missing out on some treats! This smocky one is from the 40's, and the bright blue fabric is so cool!

Then, I went to the Santa Cruz Flea Market last Sunday.So, you wrap your mind around something, and whazam! You start seeing them everywhere. Well, granted I was there for four hours, and spent considerable time in the beer garten, but still.

I found the green one first for $1. The girl that sold it to me was really cool. It looks like a 100% cotton and gingham 50's cutie.

The other two are probably early 60's, both sheer cotton voile trimmed with faded 100% cotton print. Kind of cocktail sexy. I love the yellow one especially, for its Hawaiin motif. I love Hawaii!! Oh, and I talked her down from $2 each to two for $3 - it was the end of the day after all.

So there you have it. Two weeks to a collection.


Anonymous Sylvie said...

We're on the same wavelength! I was thinking of photographing my wall-of-aprons in my kitchen! What a great name for a band: Wall of Aprons.
Happy solstice; I was thinking of you. Also thinking of you when I found some goodies at a sale today. Mystery gifts! See you soon.
P.S. Thanks for the recognition. xo

9:16 PM  

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